Harper hits homer

The Israel trip tells the world, once again, that it has lost its moral compass.  Like calling the Durban gatherings what they are, anti-Semitic hatefests, Mr. Harper demonstrates that there are rights and there are wrongs, with a clear distinction.  And even when the press jumps on the MP who wanted to be on the shot at the Wailing Wall with the PM, the message gets through – of course the man wanted to be seen with his leader, leading. Thank you, non-Sun media, for making sure his voters saw him trying to do just that.

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I think this is important, Duggan’s Dew, and am glad you pointed it out. It is big, and will affect Canada’s position in the world, though not in the way the Foreign Service establishment thinks: a good thing, on the whole.


Considering how much Canadians seem to like us to take a mediator role in foreign policy I cannot see Harper’s stance going over well amongst most Canadians, but then again most vote on domestic not foreign policy issues so I doubt it will have much impact on the election results either way. I agree with his stance on Israel, but also realize its probably not too popular with the majority of Canadians. At the same time Harper has been smart politically in adopting policies that appeal to his base in areas that are not big ticket issues as well as in some instances including this case sometimes its just best to do what is right, not necessarily popular.

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