Changing the story

Lawrence Solomon points out this morning that 2013 has been the year from hell for warmists. Ice coverage in both poles has  expanded, it snowed in Cairo and Jerusalem, and there were 2,000 record cold days in the United States.

None of this will stop the warmists from proclaiming the doom of earth at the hands of greedy capitalists and negligent consumers. It may diminish their public support, but not the religious impulse to proclaim that we have sinned against Gaia and must radically repent and atone with policies to make us uncomfortable and poor.

I suspect they are already working on the change in story line. They have shown adaptability before, by changing the phrase from “global warming” to “climate change”, thereby allowing the plot to move in any direction.

I expect that, like screenwriters on a television project, some characters will be shuffled off (Hansen? Gore? Suzuki?) and new ones will emerge. Keep your eyes out for a shift in the villain, too.

I suspect the next villain will be ocean acidification, since, according to the script now under development at Gaia Global Productions, acidification only depends on CO2 in the atmosphere, rather than temperature change caused by CO2 in the atmosphere. It is a fact that atmospheric CO2 has been increasing, regardless of whether it is causally related to temperature change. Now if they can just engender some more “climate science” to show we are poisoning the oceans with acid (remember acid rain?), the plot can turn in a new direction.

Remember, the drive to find an all-encompassing theory of doom for which more and radically interventionist government is the solution is prior to any particular analysis of the problem. The Left dumped Marx and took up Global Warming in an instant. They will dump Global Warming and take up the next Big Thing without a flick of the eye.

It is a religious movement, people, not a scientific one.

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Fat Tony

If global warming was truly their concern, they should be dancing for joy in the streets shouting that there is no global warming. The fact that they are not tells me they have other motives. As always , follow the money.


If Global Warming or Climate Change was as important as the Left say it is why hasnt the NDP and the Liberals merged? Seems pretty simple. A devastating crisis looming, a right wing party in denial, and, a chance to save the Earth and Canada, and, those two partys fight it out for table scraps instead of merging and governing for decades?

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