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Dr. Tim Ball in Wattsupwiththat:

Elaine Dewar spent several days with Maurice Strong at the UN and concluded in her book The Cloak of Green that, Strong was using the U.N. as a platform to sell a global environment crisis and the Global Governance Agenda. Strong conjectured about a small group of world leaders who decided the rich countries were the principal risk to the world. These countries refused to reduce their environmental impact. The leaders decided the only hope for the planet was for collapse of the industrialized nations and it was their responsibility to bring that about. Strong knew what to do. Create a false problem with false science and use bureaucrats to bypass politicians to close industry down and make developed countries pay.

Compare the industrialized nation to an internal combustion engine running on fossil fuel. You can stop the engine in two ways; cut off the fuel supply or plug the exhaust. Cutting off fuel supply is a political minefield. People quickly notice as all prices, especially food, increase. It’s easier to show the exhaust is causing irreparable environmental damage. This is why CO2 became the exclusive focus of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Process and method were orchestrated to single out CO2 and show it was causing runaway global warming.

This is the first time I have seen laid out clear what I had always suspected. The article asserts  that the great anthropogenic global warming scare is the conscious creation of the  leading elements of the  political Left, and  not as some naive anti-capitalist sentiment, but as a high-level conspiracy involving Maurice Strong and others, to destroy capitalism. It has been brilliantly successful so far. It has every ignorant person in the “educated” world seeing every natural phenomenon as the result of man’s dreadful sin of burning fossil fuels. It has us shutting down nuclear plants, raising the prices of energy, engaging in futile solar and wind energy projects, simultaneously wrecking the countryside, wasting billions, and creating a crony capitalist “green energy” lobby that will seek to defraud us of billions more.

The article by Dr. Tim Ball goes into the many ways in which the IPCC has systematically lied to us about the agenda they are on, the data they have misrepresented or suppressed, and the truths they do not want to be more broadly known.

The article concludes:

The IPCC deception was premeditated under Maurice Strong’s guidance to prove CO2 was causing global warming as pretext for shutting down industrialized nations. They partially achieved their goal as alternate energies and green job economies attest. All this occurred as contradictory evidence mounts because Nature refused to play. CO2 increases as temperatures decline, which according to IPCC science cannot happen. Politicians must deal with facts and abandon all policies based on claims that CO2 is a problem, especially those already causing damage.

Tim Ball’s website is found here, and is worth your time.

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A moment of research on the web produces wondrous results, JFA.

He is one of those highly intelligent left-wing people who profit from capitalism even as they seek to destroy it. He is one of those people who do things that only later are understood to have been crimes.They change the statute book too late to do anything about him. Whoever could have imagined a fraud so monstrous as anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming? And got the world to believe it? In the annals of the twenty first century, Maurice Strong will be seen to have been one of the most influential people on the planet. He has the Order of Canada, too, showing that crime does pay if you are clever enough.

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Mark Eaton

Always reassuring to see that entire theses from these folk arise from completely erroneous premises.

Having looked into this in the past, what little Timmy Ball speaks of with the so called “grand conspiracy” of Strong was his musing about a concept for a novel/movie. Not really something to form the foundation of your insight into the issue. Then again, insight is not a particular strength of troglodytes, is it? lol

geo joe to MoS

During the Jurassic Age, a period of time on Earth from 201 to 145 million years ago, mean surface temperatures of 16.5 C (3 degrees above today) common and CO2 levels 5 times what exist today (1950 ppm). The Earth thrived. Big plants, big plant eaters & big carnivores. Check your local museum, or geology dept.

Carbon dioxide is not a “pollutant”, that is pure, unscientific bunk, but a big part of life on this planet. Plants need levels above 200 ppm (today is 400 ppm) to survive. Most all other life depend on CO2 being converted via photosynthesis into edible plant material. Think nuts & berries, grains & fruits. You eat the stuff to stay alive, including meat of various sorts. Humans have been doing so since they climbed down out of the trees. The heat retained by CO2 in the atmosphere is finite. CO2 molecules can only absorb so much heat & your theory collapses. It’s a physics FACT. Educate yourself. Math is hard, but science is harder still. Most believers in CAGW flunked science and believe that a bunch of ice cubes melting in a glass of water will raise the water level and by extrapolation Arctic ice melting raises the sea level. HAHAHAHAHAHA! A 5th grade student will tell you that the water level stays the same. Dope.

Ir was warmer during the Minoan Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period and the Medieval Warm Period. Civilizations advanced in warm times (more food available). Cold times were not favorable to civilizations, think Black Death, famines, not much food around. People naturally moved to places where food was more plentiful & slaughtered the locals to set themselves up at the table. Geological processes (think volcanoes on land & undersea) spew more pollutants like CO, CO2, SO, H2SO4, H2O, NOX than the collective spewing of industry world wide on an annual basis. How do you think the oceans were formed…de-watering of crustal material during volcanic eruptions. Think a couple of BILLION years for that to happen. The SUn drives what heat happens on this planet, even our ancestors knew that, the oceans are the “air conditioner” that maintains our mean surface temperatures. DUH! Maybe these hot shot “climate scientists” are NOT telling you the truth, because they might see a diminishing of government research grants and the truth would put them out of business. Do you really think that sending money in taxes, carbon taxes, green taxes will do anything to mitigate the mean surface temperatures on this planet? You actually think that your MLA or MP can do anything to stop the seas from rising, glaciers melting or keep the temperature to a 2 degree C rise per century by having you reduce you & your kid’s standard of living while these same politicians reward their “friends” in the CAGW Hoax Business with subsidies to their industries, like wind farms & solar farms? The Euroweenies have found out that it doesn’t work, so we should just jump in front of the parade & drive industry out of the country to “save the planet” by doing exactly what they found out that doesn’t work? If you believe that, you truly are a moron & deserve everything you get by supporting this fraud. I, of course will not weep to see you or your kids starve, or freeze, or die of disease because you are stuck on the 100 Mile Diet of turnips, potatoes & carrots…grown organically, with no broad leave treatment so that crop yields are lower than expected. Yiu gotta walk 20 miles out of town to get the damned things & pack it back home on your backside, because you can’t afford to use (or are denied the use of..reserved for elites only & their kids) fuel to make it easier to head out & barter with some farmer who can barely feed his family ’cause NO FUEL! The city you live in won’t let you keep a horse or mule, see. I could go on, but guys like you will never “get it”. You are stuck on stupid.

The main proponent of CAGW, Maurice Strong (remember him?), has been quoted that depopulation is required to seek “balance” on this planet. In short – massive kill off or genocide for the lumpen proletariat. Are you willing to sacrifice yourself or your kids to Mo Strong & CAGW to “save the planet”? Think your neighbor will thank you? Do you think anyone else should? Humankind has survived this long (some 3 million years) by “adaptation”. You don’t “fight” Mother Nature, because I can assure you, you will fail. Miserably.

Ask Ontarioans how they like that “green jobs” crap when they open their power bills, or lose their jobs because input costs for manufacturing skyrocket. Moving somewhere else won’t solve their problem because the federal Liberals want to pursue the same folly as the Ontario government has.

Enjoy the decline, sport. You voted for them, I didn’t.

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