Geography lessons needed

These stories are true.

  • For 18 months, an Albertan working at the Agency charged an evening meal  for his travel back from  Ottawa to Calgary. For as many months the charge for an evening meal was refused. It finally happened that the man’s assistant discovered the reason why the expense had been refused. The clerk had diligently discovered that the man in question had arrived home at 5 o’clock Alberta time and should not have been charging for a meal so early in the day. You guessed it: the clerk was unaware that Alberta has a two hour time difference from Ottawa-Gatineau.
  • A set of documents had been faxed to Winnipeg. The person who was supposed to receive them worked in Regina. Not finding the documents in her office,  she phoned headquarters. Learning of the mistake, the worker in Gatineau asked the person in Saskatchewan why she could not have her assistant drive over and pick them up from the Agency’s Winnipeg office.
  • A representative of the Agency had business on Vancouver Island, so he expensed a ferry ticket for the cost of getting there. Asked why he had expensed a ferry ticket, he had to explain to the clerk in Gatineau that, uh, Vancouver Island is, after all, an  island. And that Vancouver the city is not the same as Vancouver the island.
  • The head of the agency had a meeting in Detroit, but was then in Windsor. His assistant in Gatineau attempted to arrange a flight between Windsor and Detroit, only to discover they are a taxi drive apart.

These stories reflect the sad reality of the Quebec education system meeting a country with five time zones. The nice people in finance just do not know anything beyond the borders of Quebec. They are victims of an educational system that fails to prepare them not for the world, but even for they country they live in.

Please send your stories about federal government lunacy to tomifobia at hotmail dot com. They must be believed by you on your best information to be true.

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gerry from gta

I am not surprised, it is not limited to Quebec. several years ago encountered an engineering technologist graduate from Algonquin College in Ottawa — he could not do basic algebra and I had to rewrite all equations for him with answer = equation using variable names that represented real world values — seems he could not understand y = mx + b (ughhhh and he graduated with honours too). :O Man it is not a partial differential equation but the most simplest algebraic equation.

Problem is educational systems are more concerned with social issues than mathematics, reading, writing, geography, history and a few sciences. Global warming is important but converting from C to F is impossible to understand.

Have you ever noticed that young people can’t even calculate change anymore at a cash register — they need the cash register to tell them what the change is? It was amazing to watch during a power outage and I had cash to pay for the product I was buying. I thought the person was going to burst a vein figuring out the change.

The education system appears to have collapsed since the 80’s.


Educated people are elitist and lefty. Screw them. We don’t want or need them. We just need regular folk with common sense. Doing crack is okay too. I love watching the lefties heads explode.

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