Overheard at Bay and Queen Streets: “I’m going to vote for Ford again just to piss off the people who don’t like him. And do you know what? So will the rest of the people out there who just want their taxes kept down”.

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Yep, not surprised. Personally, I do not see how Ford can continue. On the surface, he does not deserve it, but a lot of that vicious bear-baiting we’ve seen directed at Ford also smacked a lot of regular folks. They took it personally so people are more invested emotionally than regular civic politics.

I am also surprised at the number douche bags TO has at City Hall. So many “professional” tag alongs and hacks inserting themselves into everything. We don’t really see that here on the prairies in civic politics.


I don’t live in Toronto, don’t know all that much about their politics. I don’t, however, see how his supporters are doing him any favors by insisting he stays on. You have a morbidly obese man (350 lbs by his estimate)with serious alcohol and substance abuse problems. Throw in the stress of running Canada’s largest city and you have a walking time bomb. The desire for lower taxes will probably cost this man his life and his most fervent supporters are enablers in this tragedy.


If being over weight was cause for someone being excluded from politics, half of all our politicians would have to step down. Fords stress does not come from running Toronto, it comes from the vicious never ending attacks against him coming from every left wing zealot in the city. Its the media that needs to step down, not Ford. I too will vote for Ford.

Ontario Girl

If I lived in Toronto I would vote for the Mayor. He has done a great job and it’s just the lefties who miss the gravy train manipulating things to get back at the trough. CBC and the Red Star along with Blair are obsessed with taking down a Conservative elected by the people. Non stop media hounding him should be arrested. So what if the Mayor isn’t thin? The only thing that will kill him is the MEDIA harassing him daily. Peter Mansbridge is a pathetic Liberal a$$ kissing HACK and everyone knows it.There is NO PROOF of anything. Show the TAPE if it even EXISTS. pfft.

Toronto Voter

He hasn’t done a great job. He’s raised spending enormously. He’s raised taxes. He has added more to the debt than any other mayor. He’s saved a penny here or there but wasted tens of millions of dollars everywhere else. That’s all proven.

PLUS, he hangs out with drug dealers and gang criminals, smokes crack, is involved in a lot of very suspicious activity with this Lisi character and others. And that is what has been proven. There’s a lot more worse stuff talked about that hasn’t been proven. Yet.


Ford hasn’t decreased property taxes. He’s raised them. There never was gravy train. Old Toronto despises the man. It’s the burbs, as always, that drags us down.

Toronto Voter

Ford Nation is not doing Ford any favours, nor are they doing Toronto or Toronto conservatives any favours.

Ford has done 3 spectacular things:
1 – Spectacular self-inflicted wounds that only his most blind supporters are blaming on the left. When Sue-Ann Levy and other staunch right wing conservatives are abandoning you, you can’t keep passing the buck on the usual suspects, as much as they are rabid haters.

2 – Spectacular self-promotion that gets Ford and Ford nation believing their own press release. I think the quotation you provided says a lot: Ford Nation is about anger and getting back at the left, not about what he has done. He has not saved $1B from taxpayers. He accomplished nothing on the transit file. But he is good at propagating a self-promoted Ford myth. He is wealthy millionaire and entitled and has never worked a hard day in his life who hangs out with criminals and smokes lots of dope and crack. He was like that before he was mayor and he will continue to be like that.

3 – He has been a spectacular failure on the fiscal front. He has saved a penny here and a penny there, but then he goes off and spends a million here and a billion there. Spending is way way up under Ford, folks. About $200 MILLION per year. We aren’t in deficit because he has INCREASED taxes, not decreased them. He has added $1.5 BILLION to our debt, to say nothing of the $30-60 MILLION per year he added to TTC transit costs for the subway that serves almost no one. He tears down an already built bike lane on one street and moves it one block at a cost of $1.5 MILLION.

The left gets all tied up in knots over him driving while reading and being on the phone, breaking minor conflict of interest rules, getting drunk on the job, using city transit as a chauffeur service for his football team, not doing a full days work, etc. That is all pretty minor stuff. Maybe it adds up, maybe it doesn’t.

But what does add up is the millions and billions taxpayers are on the hook for.

Ontario Girl

Mayor Ford is going to cut the Toronto police budget by 10%. Seems to me to be a good thing. The police follow him around for 5 1/2 months and come up with a picture of him coming out of KFC and another of him reading a paper in his car. Maybe they should have the RCMP follow around all the lefties on city council and put buggs in their homes too. All that chief Blair has is his word that there is a video that NO ONE has seen. The judge is the same one who ruled 9 of Blair’s police officers were “INNOCENT” in a trial they were in. The same judge who says he is debating on wether to release the video? ,,,there is no video I bet. They just want to leave this smear hanging over the Mayors head to have people “speculate” on innuendoes. Then the judge says..he will release “PARTS” of the wire taps ..but only the “parts” the CROWN deem relevant. Yeah right…only PARTS…like the PARTS CBC release that help their case to crucify the elected Mayor, elected by the people , someone who happens to not be a crooked money sucking Liberano$. Now the council want to have the crooked Provincial Liberals step in to boot the mayor out? What a farce and CBC has me outraged…especially after watching Fifth estate and 22 minutes last night. Doug Ford is right…nothing but a lefty WITCH HUNT.

Toronto Voter

Um, no. You are spending too much time in Ford’s crack den, I think.

The video has been seen by many, including by the judge today. No one, not even the Ford’s are denying it, so why are you? It’s why Ford’s dealer buddy Lisi is up on criminal charges for extortion: he was trying to get the video.

As for 5 months of investigation and nothing… also, no. They have so far brought about 5 criminal charges against Ford’s buddy, Lisi, directly as a result of that surveillance. Including a very serious extortion charge.

We also know that Ford has been receiving late night mysterious packages from Lisi.

We also know that Ford refuses to meet with investigators to answer questions about what they have seen from that surveillance. What was in those packages Lisi kept slipping into the back seat of Ford’s car?

And, more importantly, was Lisi acting on his own when he was extorting in trying to get the crack videos just because he liked Rob so much, or did someone else more powerful and wealthy have a big interest in getting those videos?

Those are pretty much rhetorical questions, because the answers are self-evident.

Ontario Girl

Your spending too much time watching CBC and reading the red star.If the video exits, why isn’t it being released? Why isn’t the Mayor charged? Why is the Judge releasing police reports to the media while Lisi hasn’t even had his day in court? In this world there are lots of crooked cops and judges. I want EFFIDENCE that isn’t “tainted” by people with an axe to grind.
How do you know Lisi was trying to get the yet to be seen video, except hear say by cops and their buddies.
I saw Fifth pictures of Lisi putting ANYTHING in Fords vehicle.Just walking on some sidewalk. If it happened they would of had it on film. NO CHARGES because it didn’t happen. They would of swooped down on the Mayors vehicle.
Mysterious packages? So no proof what it was? Football uniforms? Works both ways.After what Bill Blair demonstrated at his PRESS conference, I wouldn’t meet with him either. The answers are effedent. A media, CBC, Police set up.The power of the press and the cops in a nutshell. Innocent be damned.

Toronto Voter

First of all, I don’t watch the CBC or read the Toronto Star.

Second of all, you’ll have to learn (someday hopefully) that someone is not a leftie just because they criticize a really awful mayor.

Third, learn to spell. It will make your rants a little more believable.

Fourth, learn to watch.
– The Fifth Estate did not show all of the evidence that has been out there for weeks now. (Ironically, it is you who are doing the CBC watching, not me!)
– The videos and transcripts show: Ford calling Lisi, then driving to a gas station and going into the bathroom for several minutes. Lisi pulls up to the same gas station and puts a small bag in Ford’s back seat and takes off. Ford comes out and drives off. This happens multiple times. Those are facts. We don’t know what was in those bags. Ford refuses to tell us. I personally think a lot can be implied by the conduct and Ford’s refusal to be open and honest with voters.
– The videos show lots of exchanges of documents and packages very late at night in the back parts of dark parking lots. Again, we don’t know for sure what is in those packages, but come on.
– The videos of Ford smoking crack – which only you seem to think may not exist – cannot be released by the police. They can only be released by a judge. A judge has now been asked to release them (yesterday), he has looked at them, and is at this very moment considering whether to release them. Despite Ford thinking laws and rules don’t apply to him, laws and rules do actually matter to everyone else, especially cops, prosecutors and judges.

Fifth, we know Lisi was trying to get the video because THAT’S WHAT HE WAS CHARGED WITH. Yes, he has not been convicted of a crime yet, but he has denied doing anything illegal – that is for the courts to decide – but he has not denied he was trying to retrieve the videos of Ford breaking the law while mayor of this city and smoking crack cocaine.

Look, if you don’t care what the evidence already shows and what facts are out there and proven, then say so. But don’t say that those facts and evidence doesn’t exist just because it makes Ford look like a druggie who covorts with drug dealers and gangs.

gerry from gta

I am a Toronto voter and I would vote for him again. He is the first mayor in 30 years that has balanced the budget and even had the budget ready for the first day of the fiscal year. In the past the budget would be finalized as much as 6 months into a fiscal year and many departments had already blew their budgets.

The civil bureaucracy has abused the taxpayer. Garbage collection service has improved 200% since it was delegated to a contractor. The previous unionized workers abused the taxpayer with summer strikes and extremely poor service. Roads were left in horrendous shape for years on end and looked like 3rd world countries.

He got rid of the car tax — essentially they penalize you for owning a car.

He is the first mayor to add to the subway in years — the Vaughn subway was a provincial thing to buy votes in Woodbridge by the provincial government — had nothing to do with Toronto Transit — did it make sense to run a subway north of the city and leave scarborough — a significant portion of the city unserviced by subway?

The city councillors had overblown office budgets and abused the taxpayers.

The NDP caucas keeps on trying to push thru social engineering by-laws — ban grocery bags, introduction of many traffic lights & bike lanes to deadlock the city. Their love affair with streetcars adds NOT detracts from the traffic congestion. They even passed a by-law to restrict what kind of business could exist in Parkdale — thus an attack on small businesses.

They also hate big businesses too — bylaws on which big chains can exist within the boundaries of Toronto.

The last administration put in place rediculous by-laws that restrict building new infrastructure to companies that have approved unions — not certified unions, only unions approved by city council — follow the money and see unions donating to NDP caucas. This one stupid by-law has trippled the cost of any major infrastructure program thus banning all competitors.

Add in 7 years of Miller where he hid the fact that all maintenance was stopped on the Gardner Expressway thus forcing the city to spend disgusting ammounts to fix the Gardner or rip it down — regular maintenance would have stopped that dangerous degradation of the expressway.

The NDP / socialists want to expand more public housing when they can’t even maintain what they have.

It was said by a politician in the 80’s that bureaucracy/government is like a super tanker — The most one can do during a single term is turn it a few degrees to the left or right. Ford has started to bring the city under some form of fiscal accountability — it will take another term to get there.

Problem is that there are alot of downtown socialists that could never accept that they lost the city to a fiscal conservative. They have been harassing him since he announced he was running back in late 2009. The Toronto Star & Globe & Mail have resorted to levels of viciousness and hatred that I have never previously witnessed in my life. The harassment included 3 civil law suits which he won all 3 and the person who’s idea it was to do this worked for Olivia Chow when she was a city councillor and was deep into the trough under the Miller years. They essentially tried to do what was successful in Ottawa when they went after Larry O’Brien.

The tremendous pressures/attacks Ford has been under for the last 4 years would turn Mother Theresa into a raging alcoholic.

Lets face it — The “Tolerant Left” has more to do with his present state thru their actions.

I will join those people overheard on Bay Street and vote for Ford because it will piss off those undesirable overspending lefties who want to control every aspect of our lives — I believe that type of life was called the Soviet Union.

It is time we reduce council by 50% — there are too many warming seats and not listening to the public and following their own agendas. We need Ford to keep on cleaning house.

Toronto Voter

I think you have proven the point of the quotation in the original blog post. Voting for Ford is more about voting against the left than it is about fiscal conservativism.

Because Ford ain’t no fiscal conservative.

He has had some accomplishments – garbage outsourcing and car tax being two very good examples.

But he has been – I hate to say it – worse with our money than Miller.

Miller actually did balance the budget. Of course, we didn’t know that until the end of the year and Ford was mayor so he took credit.

But Ford is spending over $200 million MORE than Miller each year, has increased our property taxes (way more than the car tax), has added more to our city debt than any prior mayor, and has wasted tens and tens of millions of dollars on cancelled contracts, building bike lanes, etc.

And if you think the Vaughan subway the Conservatives put in is a big waste of taxpayer money – which it is – then the Sheppard subway should have you starting a revolution. It services even fewer people and will cost the city $1.5B that it didn’t have to pay and will cost Toronto taxpayers $35-60 MILLION EVERY YEAR that we didn’t have to pay before Ford.

He has dug a huge hole for taxpayers of this city. He’s been penny wise but dollar dumb from day 1.

Ontario Girl

So the big redacted documents are out, and what is the best that can say about the Mayor? He may have taken oxy-cotton.So now they are reporting his medical prescriptions, if it’s even a fact.
Ford Nation wouldn’t agree with you, that Ford is a really awful Mayor or all the people lined up for the Bobble dolls who support the mayor.
Are you a union guy? They are all outside the court house with idle no more most likely and on lookers, and CBC is cherry picking comments from their usual select few.
BTW remember the 2011 election and CBC vote compass? Yeah that one where everyone taking the test was a Liberal. I don’t believe the CBC but I watch it to FLAG their bias and lies and manipulated reports that are shown on other reports like Sun News who show everything.
No, nothing was shown about Lisi putting a pkg on Fords back seat. If this happened as you say, the police would of seized the pkg.
Lots of people are charged with things and are innocent when they go to court if they can afford a good lawyer.When councillor Wong was asked if he took any drugs, he refused to answer. RIGHT!! Him running for Mayor Ford’s job.An axe to grind. I don’t believe this witch hunt because mayor Ford is NOT CHARGED. Until that happens, and all the evidence is shown, I will reserve judgement. THAT’S the Canadian way. This isn’t CHINA.

Toronto Voter

Dear dear dear. So sad to see someone deny reality so much.

No I’m not union guy or an Idle no more guy or even a leftie.

I’m a business owner in fact and I am sick of Ford getting away with the waste of our tax dollars for his pet projects.

At least the stupid waste of space Miller, when he wasted our tax dollars on stupid stuff, it only cost us millions. Ford is costing us BILLIONS.

I almost don’t care so much about all of Ford’s illegal activities – which he has ADMITTED and historic ones he’s been CHARGED with – but he is a part time mayor and doesn’t know his own files. AND HE’S THE BIGGEST SPENDING MAYOR IN OUR HISTORY.

More spending. More debt. Higher taxes. That’s not what I call a conservative.

Time to dump Ford for someone who actually respects the taxpayer AND does something about it.

gerry from gta

Toronto Voter — Miller did balance a budget BUT by only selling city assets — mainly Toronto Hydro, the Lake Ontario Chiller Plant, and other Toronto assets. So he got a one time cash influx to balance the budget — it is not a sustainable route/model to go. They still never had the budget ready for January 1st.

I was working outside the city and used to commute via the QEW and under Mayor Miller the Gardner was always in horrendous condition not salted, not ploughed — as soon as Ford came into power the Gardner was ploughed and much safer especially in bad winter conditions.

Ford is moving the city in the right direction — it will take more time before the super tanker’s path is moved more to the right — it takes time — one cannot undo 30 years of Liberal/NDP government in 3 years. It takes time.

Toronto Voter

I am not arguing FOR Miller. I did not and would not vote for him.

Nor am I saying Ford hasn’t done some good things.

I am just saying that Ford is an absolutely awful mayor, incompetent. There are basic facts on files he just does not know. His spending is worse. We are balancing the books which is good, but we have much much higher spending and higher taxes and much much higher debt.

He’s a tax and spend AND borrow mayor.

AND he does drugs… does hard drugs… does hard drugs in City Hall (according to his staffers)… hangs out with dealers… drives drunk (according to his own staffers)…

Time for him to go.

Ontario Girl

There is no reality to deny. just allegations. I agree to disagree with you. Gerry from the GTA has the facts. Mayor Ford will be the Mayor next year too and there is nothing anyone can do about, it unless the police manage to plant something on him, then arrest him, like they did with Raheim Jafner…no cocaine charge stuck in that bogus set up, other then driving with alcohol in his blood.pfft. That was a big blown up deal too for months…like the waffle at the funeral. When people cry wolf too often, it ends up blowing up in the accusers face.Just another trumped up non scandal.

gerry from gta

The real agenda is control of a very large budget.

Toronto population wise (2.8 million) would be the 5th largest province in Canada (based on 2011 data)

Toronto as size of budget would be the 8th largest government (federal/provincial/municipal) in Canada at 9.2 billion (based on 2010-11 data)

Toronto has 2X the spending of Montreal and 10X that of Vancouver (Vancouver did not have the megacity consolidfation).

Just follow the money. That is what is really going on. Control of such a large government budget. It is why the massively vicious attacks on Ford started 4 years ago.

Toronto Voter — I agree that Toronto should be spending less. Alot less.

No other conservative has the populism of Ford — Denzil Wong & John Tory will not be able to win. Stintz is a Liberal and we know what is associated with that — tax and spend. Of course the socialists Vaughn or Chow will bury the city in new taxes and new spending and push Toronto towards a future path that mirrors Detroit.

Toronto Voter

How can you blame Stintz for being a tax and spender – or even a liberal frankly – when it is actually Ford who has increased taxes, Ford who keeps spending even more than Miller, Ford who has borrowed and plans to borrow more than any other mayor?

Miller wasted a lot of money on stupid things like plastic bags, blue bins, retirement parties for his friends. But that is small potatoes compared to Ford’s waste and disrespect for taxpayers.

Sure he outsourced some more unions which saves a few million, but Ford cancelled how many construction contracts at a cost of how many TENS of MILLIONS? Ford tore up an already built bike lane, moved it a block away and rebuilt it at a cost of $1.5 MILLION. Ford got his staff – paid for by you and me – to come to his home to change his bloody lightbulbs and fix his wife’s computer, for Pete’s sake.

There has never been a mayor of this city that has shown more DISRESPECT for taxpayers than Ford.

Toronto Voter

Or it’s all true. That has happened as well: politicians lying about illegalities to save their own skin and then getting caught. Duffy. Brazeau. Wallin. Ford.

The Ford illegalities are not allegations, though. He’s admitted, after lying about it, that he does crack. He’s admitted, after lying about it, that he smokes pot. He’s admitted, after denying it, that he was arrested for pot and DUI. He’s admitted, after lying about it, that he had an altercation at a Leafs game. Etc. You just cannot trust a pathalogical liar like Ford.

But as I said, that’s not why I think he has to go. All politicians lie. Few as much as Ford, true, but they all lie.

But none spend as much as him while raising taxes and increasing our debt and getting nothing done.

Ontario Girl

Trudeau in his own words…but did he do crack too?Would he lie about THAT one?

“Once, in British Columbia, he suspects, friends added hallucinogenic mushrooms to his spaghetti, but he never confirmed it. The mushrooms in his pasta seemed to have a bit more of an impact than they should have, he said.”
And there’s CBC working overtime to sling the muck for the chief.

His first experience with drugs was at an Amsterdam café during a backpacking trip in Europe when he was 18. His friend thought it would be easier to order hash than a joint, Trudeau said.”


. i haven’t yet met a journalist who wasn’t a complete drunken, piss tank. Yet these jerks imagine themselves pure as the driven snow when it comes to looking in a mirror and we are supposed to trust every word they say.

If this were Justin Turd-oh we would never hear about it. It would be considered a “private matter’ “not newsworthy” “shoddy journalism”. I guess that’s ok with the drunken dicks in the …”news” media.

gerry from gta

Just follow the money.

After via 2 motions — the removal of emergency powers of the mayor and then the removal of the ability to appoint/remove committee chairs — the NDP tried to push one of their own into the budget committee. There are more to follow in the next few months as they try to impose an agenda that is contrary what got Rob Ford elected in the first place. This is the real story and probably a great contributor to Rob Fords personal issues — Mother Theresa would be an alcoholic after the hatred that has been directed via the Toronto Red Star + other media outlets, 3 nuisance law suits, and constant attack in city council — Yes the Tolerant Left that respects elections. Oh Puke.

Can you say hidden agenda of the NDP.

Just follow the money and the $9+ billion/year budget trough — this is the real agenda of the frenzy over the last 4 years.

Tell me I am wrong.

Ontario Girl

The ‘holier than thou Councillors’ should offer their resignation….it is obvious that the groups who have been following the CBC’s anti conservative mantra has rubbed off on them as well…a liberal ploy to eradicate the conservatives in order to spread around an Obama like style of socialism which would serve the CBC well…this is not my Canada…this is not my TO..they can both go to hell…..TO has been an offense to humanity for decades.
Premier Wynne shooting off her mouth after the opp just investigated her office Wed. night for corruption and theft and she is mouthing off about Mayor FORD? The media are SILENT on this scandal.No wonder Conservatives are fed up.

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