Orders of magnitude: Ontario versus Federal senate

A propos the respective scandals in Ontario, the federal level, and Toronto, let us compare scales of dollar values.

Overbilling by Harb, Wallin, Duffy, Brazeau and all other senators: roughly $1 million.

Cost of gas plant cancellations, in direct shutdown, excluding costs of lost power generation while plants are rebuilt, is $1,112 million. (see table 2 of the Auditor General of Ontario’s report, at page 10 of 26).

Accordingly, the costs to the public of the Ontario cancellation disaster are in the order of more than one thousand times more serious than the Senate expenses imbroglio.

Now, could someone do a study of the column-inches or some such measure of news coverage of the two scandals, Ontarian and federal? It would be interesting to compare.

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The difference is simple…. McLiar and co. are Liberals and can never do any wrong. Conservatives on the other hand can do no right.

gerry from gta

I am always apalled at the lack of coverage in the MSM about the Gas plant issue. It is like it never happened.

Globe and Mail called me the other day to subscribe to their paper — I said thank you for the offer, but I found not only the columnists have a political bias but their news staff & editorial staff have such a bias — I started to laugh when the caller started to argue with me that there is no such bias. It was obvious it was not an overseas call center. I found it humorous.


I too have received such calls from Globe sales people. When I explain that I loathe the Globe’s smug Toronto-centric leftist bias and cannot be persuaded to subscribe, I have been told that “we hear a lot of that”. A friend once described the Globe as “the newspaper of record for gay Toronto stock-brokers”. An accurate epithet.

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