Warming good, cooling bad

As we enter the most recent phase of northern hemisphere global cooling (formerly called winter), remember these points

1. The globe may be cooling or warming.

2. It only matters whether we humans are causing it, and how much.

3. There has been slight warming since the end of the last mini-ice age, which lasted from the 1350s to the 1850s.

4. Massive changes in the earth’s climate have occurred before man arrived, and have occurred during man’s occupancy, and will occur when we are gone.

5. In the meantime, more warmth is good for bears. (And us, too, who sit atop the food chain.)

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– If “cooling” is limited to the northern hemisphere, then it’s not “global cooling”. And, of course, winter in the northern hemisphere is summer in the southern hemisphere…

– You say “the globe may be cooling or warming”. I suppose that’s true. It may be cooling or warming. But we have years of scientific evidence showing that the world is warming.

– You say “it only matters whether humans are causing it, and how much”. This seems plainly false. If some natural process was rapidly melting the icecaps (or if extra-terrestrials arrived and started melting the ice caps with lasers or something), we would be facing a drastic sea level rise. Surely we would be concerned about that (surely it would “matter”) even if we could say “well, we’re not doing it”.

– Yes. “Massive changes in the earth’s climate have occurred before man arrived,” etc. Scientists know a lot about those changes. Many of those changes occurred because of changes in atmospheric levels of CO2. And now we’re changing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.


Your comments are fully in conformity with the current orthodoxy.Hence they are erroneous in many important respects.
– yes, dude, I realize it is becoming winter in the northern hemisphere.Hence summer in the southern. Sheesh! Literalist!
– we have years of scientific evidence that the world has, on average, despite many ups and down of several tenths of a centigrade degree, warmed since the ending of the last mini-ice age, roughly 1850, by about a degree or two centigrade. This has been good for vegetation, crops, and humans, who sit atop the food chain.
– The great global warming scare has been predicated on the notion that humans are causing all of it. Not an iota of natural cause has been allowed to interfere with the narrative line that humans, and humans alone, are driving it: not solar cycles, Milankovich cycles, cosmic rays and cloud formation, not one damn thing but those evil humans driving “climate change”. The monocausal account of global warming is the essence of the catastrophist position.
-As to science, to the limited degree that science is allowed to say anything to the catastrophist fear-mongering, CO2 increases appear to follow and do not precede global warming episodes. Though you may have to search through some real climatology to find this out. http://www.skepticalscience.com/co2-lags-temperature.htm


I do accept the current scientific orthodoxy when it comes to climate change. I also accept the current scientific orthodoxy when it comes to the heliocentric view of the solar system.

The “global warming scare” has NOT been “predicated on the notion that humans are causing all of it”. Though scientists looking at an interpreting the data have come to the conclusion that humans are causing most of it at the moment. The sun, for example, has been much quieter over the last few decades. That should cause cooling. But the earth hasn’t been cooling.

It is true that sometimes in the earth’s past, warming has preceded an increase in CO2. But in those cases the increased CO2 did lead to more warming. The link you provide confirms this. If I may quote from it: “Overall, about 90% of the global warming occurred after the CO2 increase”.

Youtuber Potholer54 has a video explaining this (if anyone’s interested): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ3PzYU1N7A


Here are a few questions that climate catastrophists should ask themselves:

1. Do you believe it would be good or bad if Earth were to cool by the 0.7 – 0.8º C it has warmed in the last 160 years?

2. Is it now too warm when compared to 1850 or is it more comfortable than it was then?

3. Is the 0.7º C rise in global temperature since 1850 a bad or good thing?

4. Has that rise in temperature done more harm than good?

5. Alarmists claim that GW is already causing worldwide problems, so do you think it would be good if some of that 0.7 – 0.8º C was removed?

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