Is our children learning?

A product of our current university environment attempts to argue that Movember is some form of collective hate crime:

Movember was clearly designed with a hairy white cisgender blonde guy in mind who had no problem growing facial hair but would never get pulled over at the border because of it. It was clearly designed without any intersectional analysis as to its symbolism and how hard it can be for many people to participate.

No, it is not a parody.

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Anne in swON

Sorry, I couldn’t stomach reading that trash. I got as far as looking up ‘cisgender’ and realized the diatribe wasn’t meant for me to read. You see, I’m quite happy with the gender that was ‘assigned’ to me at birth.

old white guy

some days the level of stupid is so high it is frightening. good grief, that is some of the worst dreck I have ever read.

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