Statistical Islam

Read this while it is still possible and legal to do so. Then we can talk. I have read a lot about Islam, and this has the ring of truth about it.

For example:

Another dualistic aspect of Islam is its ethics. Oneof the chief features of Islam is the doctrine of the kafir. It treats them dreadfully and horribly. No one would ever want to be treated as a kafir is treated in the Trilogy. This leads us to the Golden Rule. There is no Golden Rule in Islam because of the division of humanity into believer and kafir. The Golden Rule is to treat ALL people as you would be treated. Since no one wants be treated like a kafir, and the kafir is so central to Islamic doctrine, it proves that Islam has no Golden Rule. Islam has one set of rules for Muslims and another set of rules for kafirs. This is dualistic ethics.

I think there is a close parallel between the time it took to understand Communism in North America and the time it is taking to understand Islam. Mostly the incomprehension takes the form of: “They don’t seriously believe that!, They can’t you’re just making it up”. It took a while for people to realize what Communism was. After World War II, anti-communist refugees from Eastern Europe were treated in polite society as fanatics, trouble-makers, fascists, and maybe some of them were. But the reality of Communism eventually made itself manifest, despite the fellow-travelers, the official and underground Communist parties, the infiltration of the organs of state, the agents of influence, and the progressives, and the bland assumption of the elites that only the rednecks needed to be worried about.

The same process is underway now and here. It will take time and it will involve almost surely “McCarthyism”, which is just a leftist term for the populist reaction against the Communist infiltration of the organs of government that was then going on. The Islamic infiltration is underway, and will be rooted out in twenty or thirty years.

Islam is not a religion; it is essentially a totalitarian political ideology that incidentally talks a lot about God.

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Having lived and worked in a Muslim country I can confirm that this is fact. I remember being shocked to discover that if a Muslim is dealing with an “infidel” it is okay to lie, steal and cheat. It was my Muslim students who informed me of this. I was already familiar with Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism and knew that what they taught as wrong was wrong no matter with whom you were dealing. It was an eye-opener for me as a non Muslim.

old white guy

so many people so late to the game. I have been yapping about the dangers and evil of islam for years now and yet I still hear from fools who compare the followers if islam to baptists. it would be good if people would read the Koran and other Islamic teachings then they would be appalled that we are even allowing such a cult to exist in any western country.


A good article, but I take exception to the oft-repeated remark that Islam is NOT a religion. Of course it is a religion: it has a holy book, it has a holy prophet who received the revelation for that book, it has a supreme being who they call Allah, it has places of worship (called mosques), it has its clergy (called mullahs and imams). Let’s not shy away from acknowledging that a religion can be so pervasive and intrusive in its demands upon a believer’s life so as to be totalitarian. Both religious ideologies and political ideologies can be totalitarian. Denying that Islam is a religion just plays into the hands of those who keep on prating about how what the ISIS gang and the Boko Harum are doing has nothing to do with Islam. Of course it does!

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