WMD shell game begins

Well that didn’t take long! The Syrians, who might have been the beneficiary of Hussein’s, Saddam not Obama, WMD (see this and this), are now returning the favour.

Syria has moved 20 trucks worth of equipment and material used for the manufacturing of chemical weapons into neighboring Iraq, the Lebanese daily Al-Mustaqbal reported on Sunday.

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Hmmmmm, the U.N. gave Hussien 16 Resolutions to disarm and destroy the WMD’s as Hans Blix drove around Iraq to find these in Saddam’s shell game. Iraq HAD WMD’s because several nations still have the Bills for selling them to iraq. But the Leftist Liberals ignored the years of Saddam murdering 5000 civilians(Brown people) a month , and his hanging of hookers from light poles by their necks as an example,plus the post invasion evidence by a canadian that dead children were kept in a Hospital cooler as props to drag out and placed an alleged bombing scenes by the West so the dolts at the CBC and STAR will eat them up as facts, then, back to the coolers.
Gee, when the Moron President is not from Texas but from Chicago and a Dem. to boot, Hollywood goes quiet and and suddenly because closet Pro-War animals backing Obama’s slaughtering of innocent people because he has a Nobel Peace prize which is fro “Peace at any price”.
Every year the Communnist Cuba sees almost 1’000’000 tourists whic are mainly Canadians, of these we see the Public Sector Unions and plenty of Liberal MP’s,and MPP’s that knew Castro jailed gays with AIDS to rot and die.Now the Liberals and Unions support the islmists and Pro-Shariah savages that want the legalizing of hanging gays in public,honour-killings in canada, and Sanctioned Child-Bride pedophilia to emulate Aisha and Muhammaed when he was 54 and she a just 9 years old and forced to have sex with a jew-hating homophobe.

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