I was wondering when this story would make it to the mainstream media

Various adventurers, seeking to show how warm the Arctic is becoming (they read the news too) have had to be rescued after they found themselves trapped in ice.

Arctic ice has increased 60% this year over 2012 levels. When did you first notice reading anything about it in the newspapers, or see it on television? Haven’t? I thought so.

You had to be readers of the UK Daily Mail or Fox News. (In 2012 Arctic sea ice was shrinking).

You can read also the comforting words (to an AGW enthusiast) of the debunker of the deniers in Slate, who seems to confuse the claim from warming since 2012 (Daily Mail) to warming since spring 2013. However, after you have done so, you can also go to Watts Up with That, on any given day, or see Christopher Monckton’s article here.

My point remains. When did this important piece of news about global cooling reach your eyes, and did you see it first in a blog or in the MSM?  Things that have been  known and discussed for weeks in the blogosphere reach the newspapers only after careful vetting.


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