Kerry’s “own goal” wins it for Obama in Syria

First, Kerry’s statements were considered a “major goof” and the State Dept tried to take them back. Now it seems that Kerry’s own goal has given Obama the win.

Ignore the right-wing analysis about how US is being escorted out of Middle East. The NYT gets it right, this allows Obama to escape from a bind. As for US being embarrassed, losing prestige and being escorted out of Middle East, well that was all part of the plan.

Yet if this is indeed the pass to which Mr. Obama has led us—and I think it is—let me suggest that it signifies not how incompetent and amateurish the president is, but how skillful. His foreign policy, far from a dismal failure, is a brilliant success as measured by what he intended all along to accomplish. The accomplishment would not have been possible if the intention had been too obvious. The skill lies in how effectively he has used rhetorical tricks to disguise it.

The key to understanding what Mr. Obama has pulled off is the astonishing statement he made in the week before being elected president: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” To those of us who took this declaration seriously, it meant that Mr. Obama really was the left-wing radical he seemed to be, given his associations with the likes of the anti-American preacher Jeremiah Wright and the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, not to mention the intellectual influence over him of Saul Alinsky, the original “community organizer.”….

As a left-wing radical, Mr. Obama believed that the United States had almost always been a retrograde and destructive force in world affairs. Accordingly, the fundamental transformation he wished to achieve here was to reduce the country’s power and influence. And just as he had to fend off the still-toxic socialist label at home, so he had to take care not to be stuck with the equally toxic “isolationist” label abroad.

In sum, Obama has diminished US power, rescued himself from a bind and most importantly, has salvaged his fragile ego which faced certain defeat in both houses. All in between a round of golf for the “smartest president ever”.


Update 20130910

Kerry takes credit!

The Obama Administration’s explanation of how a Russian proposal to get rid of Syrian chemical weapons came to be has morphed rapidly in the past 24 hours from being portrayed as an unexpected slip-up to — in its new incarnation — a plan that U.S. officials were involved in as early as last week.

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