Bernard landry makes a case for Quebec’s laws for integration

I shall just quote him.

“It’s infuriating but it’s so pathetic to go and say that Quebec is xenophobic and racist — when from the start of our national adventure we intermingled with Amerindians. The majority of us have Amerindian roots, one-quarter of us have Irish roots, we have had six premiers of Irish origin. What are these people talking about? Why are they so misinformed in the rest of Canada?…

“Do they think our culture minister was born on Ile d’Orleans? It’s (Cameroonian native) Maka Kotto. We (the PQ) elected the first black person in the Quebec national assembly. The Bloc Quebecois elected the first Latino to the Parliament of Canada. They should open their eyes.”

Landry made a prediction: that the rest of Canada will one day “deeply regret” having embraced the doctrine of multiculturalism.

He says it leads to a lack of integration that harms social cohesion and, pointing to Europe, he says that ultimately risks feeding right-wing extremist politics over time.

“Multiculturalism will lead to more and more problems, like in Great Britain. In Holland, in Germany, same thing. Angela Merkel came out against this doctrine a while ago. Immigrants themselves are the first victims of multiculturalism,” he said.

“In the U.S., you never see a police officer with a turban. There are things worth regulating and I hope it gets done (here).

“The rule is, when you change country, you change country. They can’t expect to find everything here that they had in their country of origin. Intergration is a powerful signal that they need to adjust to a new nation.

“And the majority of them do it wonderfully.”

Multiculuralism “leads to a lack of integration that harms social cohesion and, pointing to Europe, he says that ultimately risks feeding right-wing extremist politics over time.”

Therein lies the essence of the matter. The Quebecois are right about multiculturalism; what they are wrong (I would argue) about is their version of a quasi-tribal society.

Anyone who favours multiculturalism has simply failed to comprehend what it is. Go to India and see the Muslim-Hindu divide, or closer still, go to a city in Europe with a large Muslim minority. That is real multiculturalism, where the predominant culture cannot integrate the smaller population.

The assumed virtue of Landry’s position is the wonderfulness of Quebec’s tribalism, and the desirability of integrating into it. What do you get when you get there? A bunch of in-laws who need to travel more and un-learn a lot of history.

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mel wilde

The real question regarding the banning of religious symbols should be,”Why”. Are the PQ frighten by someone displaying their Faith?
What difference does it make to us as individuals if someone wants to display their beliefs in public. Does a cross or a Kippa or a turban threaten anyone who might see it. The simple answer is that the PQ is fighting for control of how individuals think about and view themselves in context of the society they live in.
Racism doesn’t come to mind when I listen to their rhetoric. What comes to my mind is despotic mind control and that can lead to many evil things. If the people of Quebec are so gullible as to support this evil then let’s say goodbye once and for all. It takes a very evil mind for any Government to ban the symbols of any faith…perhaps the PQ is that evil.

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