“Our party is lightly less dysfunctional at the moment than the Republicans”

This was the conclusion by a senior centrist Democrat.

“What is the problem with the Republicans?” I asked.

“I see three essential difficulties. One –  they cannot come to useful compromises; they are deathly afraid of being recalled by the Tea Party types for any sensible compromise on public spending. So they cannot govern, or participate meaningfully in cross-party governance. Two – they are financially irresponsible. They used to be the party of financial responsibility.  Now they vote for the legislative measures and then refuse to pay for them. Three – they cannot come to terms with an immigration law, and because of that, they are using every trick they can to reduce the participation of blacks and hispanics in voting.”

“So it will be Hillary in 2016”.

Anyone care to disagree?



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The republicans have no power that is why they “cannot govern” They control the house and that is all. They can’t pass legislation. It is Obama and the Democrats who refuse to compromise on anything. They demand something and when Republicans do their elected duty and oppose those demands they get called obstructionists etc etc etc. The purpose of an opposition part is to OPPOSE THINGS.

Maxwell Wolf

With deficit running at $1-trillion how can anybody say that Dems are not getting their way and that Repubs are opposing everything Obama proposes?

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