Zimmerman found innocent: obviously something must be wrong

The show trial of Zimmerman is now over, the jury has turned in the wrong result. An obvious thug, with a history of violence, with a telephone record filled with conversations dealing with violence and procuring firearms, was killed while pounding Zimmerman’s face to a pulp. The power of the narrative is so strong, which says that every black shot by a white is innocent, that millions of Americans think that Trayvon Martin, a semi-moronic violent house robber, is a victim, rather than Zimmerman.

The US Department of Justice promises a “review”.

As Barack Obama issued a statement from the White House calling for calm on all sides, the department of justice said federal prosecutors would now examine the case for a Federal prosecution under civil rights legislation.

“Experienced federal prosecutors will determine … whether federal prosecution is appropriate in accordance with the department’s policy governing successive federal prosecution following a state trial,” the statement said.

In the best-known precedent, Federal race laws were used to convict several police officers who had been acquitted of the infamous beating of Rodney King. However legal analysts have warned that the race element in the Martin case is far less clear-cut.

Zimmerman is a half-Hispanic of Peruvian descent. He had to be made “white”. He holds racially tolerant attitudes and tutors kids. Obviously this all a cover for racialist attitudes. He “profiled” Trayvon Martin, meaning he committed the thoughtcrime of seeing a black punk casing the neighborhood for robbing opportunities, and confronted him. Bad, bad man. When Trayvon Martin pounded his head and was intent of breaking his skull open, Zimmerman shot once. I am amazed that in the circumstances, he did not empty his gun into him.

In the meantime, in Chicago this year, there have been 224 homicides

Shot & Killed: 189
Shot & Wounded: 965
Total Homicides*: 224

The racial composition of victims is:

Race of Victim | Chicago Homicides & Murders

Of course you did not read about that in your local paper, did you?

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Sean M

Great post. The “progressive” media have behaved, and continue to behave in a disgraceful fashion. Blatant race baiting, deliberate lying, distorting the facts beyond recognition, anything they could do to further the divide between “blacks ” and “whites”, and in this case, “blacks’ and “white/hispanics”… seriously WTF!? The “progressive” mind is truly diseased and the media are full of these diseased minds. The media have gone beyond their usual irresponsible leftist rabble rousing agenda and right into advocates of race wars. Disturbing how many people fall for the media agenda and are unable to see through the fog of deceit and malice. Glad to hear Zimmerman is suing NBC, hope he doesn’t stop there, CNN, AP, ABC are all guilty of the same thing, distorting the facts, and outright lying to further there agenda.

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