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A colleague is an English Quebecer who speaks accentless French-Canadain. As a long-time resident of Aylmer, she has no incentive to leave the Quebec side, but for one thing: she reports increasing public hostility to the use of English at all, anywhere.

Okay, so N=1. Well, today, N=2. A Quebec IGA franchisee wanted her staff to speak only French in the the lunch room. Justification?

When she announced she was leaving, the employee, Meaghan Moran, recorded a conversation with her two superiors in which they explained the French-only rule.

“If we permit languages other than French to be spoken, what will happen in the employees’ room?” a woman is heard asking in the recording. “We’ll have a ghetto. We’ll have a small group of Spanish, a small group of English.”

Ms. Moran is told the rules reflect the wishes of the franchise owner, Louise Ménard: “Mme. Ménard is a French-Canadian, she signs the pay cheque. What she asks is that within these walls, people speak the language of the workplace, which is the language of Quebec. It’s the law.”


Actually, it is not the law (101) that people are required to speak French at work among employees, but according to my informants who live on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River, there is growing public intolerance – audible, visible rudeness- towards people not speaking French in Quebec in every situation.

The day of reckoning is not far off. I think English Canadians will soon snap. If not this year, within a decade. Something is going to bring home to even the Globe and Mail that this farce has carried on too long.

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Nicola T.

Unfortunately to these brainwashed nationalists, English is considered a disease. Meanwhile the rest of the world thinks it’s great to speak two or more languages.

gerry from gta

I was harrased by the mother of the “bride” in a gay wedding in Ottawa but the marriage partners where from Quebec. I got lectured because I was not “bilingual” — I was just not French speaking as my second language, I did speak french but very poorly — part of the educational system in Ontario (thus a poor trilngual person) — she was quite hostile. Told her I was bilingual just not in the language of her choice — I am fluent in an Eastern European language. Thus I was not ignorant as she insunated, and was quite fluent in many computer languages :). Thus multi-lingual. LoL

The ethnic hatred was obvious — if I was evil I would take that to Human Rights commission — but because I am a white male it would not have weight so why bother. I am also not evil. Thus I did nothing.

I find it disturbing in the hatred that is propagated by various people in Quebec — Trudeau Jr played into this hatred with the “I am a Quebecer first” and “PM’s should be from Quebec”. well this is ethnic bias.

This is elitism and ethnic hatred.

Do we want Trudeau Jr as a prime minister?

I think not.

gerry from gta

as an aside I was in Calgary when the National Energy Policy under Trudeau Senior was implemented — I saw the death of many companies in Calgary and despite the “name of the policy” it favoured takeover by foreign companies by destroying Canadian Oil Companies — It was retribution for not getting a single vote west of Winnipeg. Calgary never recovered for 20+ years.

Thus Trudeau Sr should not have the reputation on what agreat PM he was — he was not.

Trudeau Jr is a shadow of his father — probably bipolar as his mother was.


Care to boycott any and all IGA Franchises until there is a public apology? Fight their stupidity and ethnic hate with real fire: economic fire.

Divest in any Quebec based companies, refuse to travel to Quebec for any but the most essential reasons, look for substitutes for any product made in Quebec and use your voice to protest publicly against any appeasment of Quebec nationalism through blogs, newspapers your elected officials and any other channels you have access to.

Quebec’s economy is already on life support, so kicking the props out from under it will send a very powerful message. IF they ignore the message, they can try living in a “road Warrior” society as their economy collapses.

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