The gaps between what authorities say they believe about Islamic jihad, and what they believe, what we can say, and what everyone knows, is dangerously wide.


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This is just another story about jihad in the free democratic western world. Come on lets all just get on with the usual rhetoric: oh this was just another isolated incident, this attack does not represent the true religion of Islam, these guys were just radicals, bla bal bal…….

So what is England going to do about this? NOTHING!! That’s what! Absolutely F*** all! In fact I bet England will do the exact same thing as the United States or Canada….come down with an “iron fist“…. “iron fists” to hammer open the gates of immigration and allow even more Muslims into the country! Cause now getting back to our western rhetoric we should all know that the majority of Muslims are peaceful, condone violence and are thankful to be in a free country where they have unlimited opportunities. Right?

My prediction: We will see even more appeasement of Islam in Europe and North America. We will even see further attacks against non-Muslims and then even further appeasement.

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