Everything liberals do not want to know about ethnicities, sex and intelligence tests

The findings of the SAT scores are carefully examined here. Go to the site for a detailed extensive discussion.

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The graph on the original site is a gif that shows how the gap has not changed from 1975 to the present.


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So why the jump in 1995? Deterioration of standards?

Why can we not just admit finally that genetics matter? DNA is teaching us now. Black kids, as my internationally-raised child noted at age 14, years ago, were better than he was in sports (they joked about it among themselves). The 1920s research was suppressed due to policy changes in Germany, denounced by the world later due to dreadful policies, but the researchers then were mostly on the right track as far as genetics being an important contributing factor as far as inherited capabilities are concerned. Perhaps numerical aptitude was more important in Asia centuries ago, thus people who had it survived and reproduced. We now accept that girls are a bit better at language and worse on spacial relations, so why not just say that blacks are, on average, better at physical things like athletics and dance?

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