Marathon bomber Tsarnev, a US citizen, denied Miranda rights

Are we in the fourth term of the Bush Presidency?

Obama administration has decided that Dzokhar Tsarnaev, who became a US citizen in Sept 2012, will be questioned without the benefit of the Miranda warning of his right to remain silent and have a lawyer present based on the “Public Safety” exemption. Anybody remember the “fierce urgency of now” that Obama used to talk about? Anybody remember all the leftist hysteria about Bush dictatorship and shredding of the constitution? All seem such quaint concepts now that a Democrat is in the White House.

This wouldn’t be such an uncomfortable proposition if it wasn’t for the precedence of this administration in killing US citizens abroad, as well as the reluctance to unequivocally state that they will not kill US citizen on US soil. There is a word that describes all this and it is “aristagogue”. It describes those who gain power or prestige by playing upon the vanity, prejudices and insecurities of those who see themselves as our best and brightest, or who wish to be so seen by others.


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GOOD! As far as I’m concerned he should be shot right on the spot. What about the rights of the victims like the 8 year old boy he killed or that poor guy with both legs blown off being pushed in a wheelchair? Yeah now out comes the bleeding hearts to defend a terrorist.


Fox News reported that there is an exemption to the Miranda requirement in the case where the authorities believe that the charges will be terrorism related. The Boston tragedy appears at the moment to fit that description.

I also agree with an above point, what is the point of reading Miranda to a person is not coherent and awake. I imaging the U.S. has case law on this point.


“Tsarnev, a US citizen, denied Miranda rights”

Who cares?

If there is any justice he will be gang raped & stabbed dead in the prison shower. I’d be willing to contribute to a collection to go to the families of any prisoners who participate in such an activity.


Waaaaaaa! He was denied being read his Miranda rights! Wwwwaaaaa!

Oh please! This guy lived in America, a dozen years or more, became a citizen was surrounded by American culture, television, news and information and yet somehow knew NOTHING of Miranda rights? Give me a break!

The only people stupid enough to believe that line are judges, lawyers and left wing newspaper columnists (and perhaps at least one or two bloggers).


I see Harper appointed that old cow, Deborah Grey, to the CSIS board. I remember her spending 10 years saying she would never take the gold plated MP pension. Then she took it in the second greatest act of hypocrisy ever( the first is Harper saying he would never run a deficit). Now she’ll collect a fat salary along with her fat pension. Say what you want about your competitors but your Conservatives are dishonest liars in it for themselves.

outraged law student

The media is outrageous. People need to READ AND THINK FOR THEMSELVES.
He was read his miranda rights.

-In addition, not reading him his rights WOULD HURT THE CASE. As an American Citizen, if they did not read him these rights,

The media has done a poor job with this horrible situation, but people need to take personal responsibility and EDUCATE THEMSELVES.

Maxwell Wolf

outraged law student: First I don’t know why you are yelling but to each his own. Take a look at the date of this post, it is Apr 20th. Now take a look at the link that you posted. The transcript is for a court session on Apr 22nd. Does that makes sense to you? Is there any evidence that he was provided a Miranda warning between the time of his arrest and the posting of this article? Additionally all the relevant comments precede the court date.

Now for the Miranda warning you refer to on page 4 of the transcript. Are you aware that he was already questioned before that court date? As you know Miranda rights preserve the admissibility of evidence. Clearly he had already been questioned. As for you yelling that “…WOULD HURT THE CASE. As an American Citizen, if they did not read him these rights,
OFFICIALS WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BRING INTO COURT ANYTHING HE SAID OR CONFESSED TO.” I suggest you read up on Public Safety exemption that was used not to give him the Miranda warning.

A last question for you, are you a “law student” or is that just login name? Nothing in your comment strikes one as something that would be written by a law student. Student perhaps, law no.

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