“no sign of a broader plot”

Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security, says there is “no sign of a broader plot” in the Boston bombings.

Well, sort of. Except for the fact that the Islamic religion enjoins the faithful to fight against the unbelievers, night and day, as a religious duty and sacrament. No, I am not talking about jihad as seen by the doctors of religion. I am talking about the operational level, the one we all experience, the one where bombings and massacres takes place. There is no broader plot than Islam itself. They say so with their own mouths. When will we wake up to this in public discourse?

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No, no sign of a broader plot here… I’m sure the persons/people behind these bombings just hated the 2013 Boston Marathon runners and spectators. I’m sure we don’t have to worry about them doing anything like this again.

old white guy

there are some very interesting pictures showing up. the photos show men with backpacks and then showing the men without them. one set of photos ahows three men together with backpacks and then shows them dispersing through the crowd without the backpacks.

Powell Lucas

How in hell would this bug-eyed dingbad believes she knows anything about the bombing in Boston. This is the moron that still believes the 9-11 bombers crossed into the States from Canada.

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