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Russian Academy Of Sciences Experts Warn Of Imminent Cold Period: “Global Warming Is A Marketing Trick”

When it comes to warming and the man-made CO2 greenhouse gas effect, the Voice of Russia writes that “Russian scientist Vladimir Bashkin is categorically in disagreement. He claims that the climatic changes are characterized by cycles and have nothing to do in any way with the activities of man.”

The Voice of Russia continues:

Together with his colleague Rauf Galiullin from the Institute for Fundamental Problems of Biology of the Russian Academy Of Science, he demonstrates that the current warming is a reverberation of the planet coming out of the ‘Little Ice Age’ and that in the near future, of course measured on geological timescales, we are at the threshold of an ice age.”

The Voice of Russia quotes Bashkin:

The periods of a cooling and a warming follow each other at 30-40 year intervals. In Russia for example there was a warming in the 1930s, a time when seafaring at the Northern Sea Route was possible, then a cooling followed during the wartime years, and then warming followed in the 1970s, etc.. The current warming period ended at the end of the millennium.“

Note here that the Russian scientists confirm that the Arctic sea ice extent was also low in the 1930s. This tells us that nothing is really so unusual in the Arctic today.

The Voice of Russia then explains that the cooling is related to ”a change in solar activity” and that this “also has an impact on our climate“. Bashkin adds:

The scientific research of the climate of the past geological epoch causes us to doubt the motives behind the demands of the IPCC. […] “The greenhouse effect that is connected with the anthropogenic factor is about 4 or 5 percent of that from natural emissions. The eruption of a volcano produces more. A real contribution to the greenhouse effect is made by normal water vapor. Thank God nobody has gotten the idea that this too needs to be regulated.“

The Voice of Russia continues: “The world’s oceans contain 60 times more carbon dioxide than the atmosphere. When the temperature of the planet rises, it begins to be quickly released. This leads to an increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration, and not vice versa. A global warming that so many are talking about is not so much a scientific problem, rather it is much more a marketing trick. […] We do not have global warming ahead of us, rather we have global cooling, the Russian scientist claims. However, we do not need to fear the cooling because it will take place gradually and won’t be noticeable until the middle of the 21st century.”

The scientists add that part of the motive behind the “marketing trick” is to manipulate the market for fossil fuels.

Copied with thanks from No Tricks Zone, The author is Pierre Gosselin.

While I have not lost any skepticism towards the Putin regime, I am frequently pleasantly surprized by how often writing coming out of Russia is on point, sensibly conservative, and at variance with Western hysterias.

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Patrick Armstrong

Maybe your opinion about the “Putin regime” has been formed by the very same people who told you global warming was “settled science”.
My guess would be that all you know about Russia is what the MSM has told you.
Something to think about, yes?


The Russian scientist is correct, but what he calls a marketing trick I call a blatant scam. Speaking of Russia I find it interesting that Putin is the only present head of state who has stated to be in favour of small government and personal freedom including from government meddling. Also I do not see Russia surrendering its sovereignty to the UN like we continue to do in the West.


I admire the Russians because when there is a crisis they don’t hesitate to resolve it.
And they don’t leave any loose ends.
Like Guantanamo.


I find it gratifying that readers of this blog are mildly skeptical of the negative vibrations constantly attending Putin in MSM. Nevertheless the Magnitsky case, and the occasional killing of a journalist or exile, leave me thinking Russia still has a way to go before it is a law-bound state. The direction they are going in, however, seems to be the right one. The Churches and Masonic Lodges in Russia are open again, and filled.

Patrick Armstrong

“Occasional killing of an exile”. The famous case of course is Litvinenko. Again you seem to think that you generally know what happened.
And again there is a lot more to the story than the MSM has told you.

Did you know that there has never been an inquest? That it keeps being delayed? Now until Oct. In short that there is no official finding even on the cause of death?
Read all about it here at the UK Coroner official site.

You (we) conservatives pride ourselves that we do our own thinking unlike the lefty hordes who all think in lockstep. But, even so, there’s a lot of stuff in our heads that we didn’t put there.

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