No, this isn’t the face of homophobia, it is the face of stupidity

Al-Jazzera reports the following with an accompanying picture.

A man in Paris, France was reportedly beaten for walking with arm in arm with his boyfriend Olivier early Sunday morning. Wilfred de Bruijn, a French resident, says he was assaulted while walking in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. He says he sustained several injuries, including a missing tooth, broken bones, and fractured pieces of bone in his skull. He posted a photo of his wounds on his Facebook page with the caption “Sorry to show you this. It’s the face of homophobia”.


No you fool. That is the face of stupidity. What exactly did you expect when you walked through a Muslim area arm in arm with your boyfriend? Did you really think Quakers and Muslims were  one and the same as you learned in some university class from your favourite professor? Please go join Islam so that the average IQ of both religions can go up.

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He should move here to Canada as a political refugee or something! We support this kind of thing. Our open Canadian hearts bleed for these people who suffer political punishment. It shouldn’t be a problem considering some of the other people we let In this country on a daily basis. French is one of our official languages and we area almost as socialist as France…..well the free health care part for sure so he could be treated.

Nicola T.

Well it’s part of the face of homophobia. See also Pamela Geller’s ads in subway stations and on buses in different cities about how gays are treated under sharia law.


I agree it has nothing to do with “homophobia” were there such a thing. It is Islamo-fascism imposing its barbaric sharia on its host country. I agree that they showed a total lack of judgement in walking in a Muslim area, but at the same time it is their government that has allowed these intruders and their no-go zones. Instead of posting his mug on Facebook, he and his mate should lay criminal assault charge and demand that the cops act on the charge.


Hm, this is a conundrum;whose rights trump whose? The gay fellow has,of course, the right to BE gay,but the Muslim gentleman has (of course) the right to NOT be offended by the sight of something which offends his religious sensibilities.

I’m going to go with the majority here, there are roughly 1.6 billion Muslims in the world (23% of the world’s population), and only 350 million gays in the world,extrapolating from the figures gay organizations give out that 5% of the population is gay. There fore,the Muslim rights trump the gay chap’s rights. Any other interpretation would be Islamophobic or racist or some such thing.

This IS democratic,isn’t it?

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