Ancient camel unearthed in Canada’s high Arctic


Mummified camel bones unearthed in Canada's High Arctic

So reads the headline in today’s Ottawa Citizen. 3.5 million years ago, before the current ice age, during the Pliocene Warming, forests reached as far north as Ellesmere Island. Forest-dwelling camels, 30% larger than today’s hot-climate camels, chewed their cuds at latitude 70 degrees.

Wikipedia informs us that:

The global average temperature in the mid-Pliocene (3.3 mya – 3 mya) was 2-3°C higher than today,[6] global sea level 25 m higher [7] and Northern hemisphere ice sheet ephemeral before the onset of extensive glaciation over Greenland that occurred in the late Pliocene around 3 Ma

Further reading into Ellesmere Island shows that, 55 million years ago, the place was covered in part with large sequoia-like conifers more than 3 feet across at the base.

It cannot be said often enough. Global warming – if indeed it is actually occurring – is bringing us back to the climate the world has known for 80% of its history. Global warming is getting us out of our current lingering ice-age.

Hence I have come to believe people who complain of global warming are about on par with people who claim the French are sending abuse at them through toasters. Only their paranoia is socially approved of, whereas the poor fellow who thinks devices are beaming abuse at him, well, he is a nut case .


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gerry from gta

You are entirely correct.

The Media cannot seem to connect the dots. If there was global warming in the past where there were forests and camels living on Ellesmere Island in the high Canadian Arctic, and man has been doing mass manufacturing only the last 100 years, could global warming be part of a natural cycle and not a phenomenom initiated by man?

We have been having global warming the last 13,000 years when Toronto was under 1 km of ice. Man did not initiate that.

The tree line was at Ft McMurray 7,000 years ago, it is now 1,500 km north of that.

Thus to gut our industrial capability because Al Gore & David Suzuki say so is an insane thing to do.

gerry from gta


I thought it was interesting in that the reader was left to infer the obvious, that it had been that warm in the past. There was a period where I think even the mention of pre-modern naturally warmer periods was forbidden. Now they are mentionable.

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