At the hotel where we have been captured for the last few days on a conference, three related phenomena are observed:

  1. a large proportion of hotel guests are fat to the point of obesity, and not just the aged. Many people have knee problems from carrying around 250 pounds on frames built to take 180.
  2. the food is cheap and plentiful, the portions enormous.
  3. there is no infrastructure for crossing the 6-lane boulevard in front of the hotel.  There is no cross-walk at the lights or anywhere else, no continuous sidewalk running to anywhere from here. Walking is pointless.

So, you cannot escape; you can only eat. I feel like those blobby people on the spaceship in the cartoon movie Wall-E. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.


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Nicola T.

On the other hand I had to laugh at the two botoxed-to-death and slim female talking heads on the news yesterday discussing the new deadly desire for girls and women to have thighs that don’t touch one another. They showed pictures of the models with pencil-thin legs and straight thighs. If either of the women on the show were the slightest bit overweight, they would lose their jobs.

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