Time to cancel US presidential elections?

News came out today that unexpectedly, the U.S. economy posted a drop of 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter. Now we all know why that happened. Why it was because Obama had to fend off Romney and, as Clinton put it once, was unable “to work for the American people” and thus help the crony capitalist as well as waste money on harebrained investment ideas. Perhaps it is time to cancel the presidential elections and give Obama a lifetime posting. The low-information voters can go live in peace and worry about nothing more than the “Car-day-shins“.

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No,elections shouldn’t be cancelled.It’s important to maintain the fiction that the people have some control over their government.

Increase the food stamp program, and let us onward to the future!


Don’t laugh. This is EXACTLY the kind of argument that Obama will be tempted to make in 4 years’ time. Think it can’t happen? Look at how easy he was able to shrug off Fast and Furious, Benghazi. Just haul in some convenient scapegoats, have subordinates tell blatant lies to congressional hearings, and shrug off dissent with the aid of a compliant media. And make full use of available events for maximum political gain.

Americans have guns. Gasp! We need gun control! Who needs the Second Amendment – it’s soooo 18th Century! Doesn’t apply to modern times. Armed citizens to guard against tyranny, it’s to laugh! What tyranny? Everybody loves Obama!

Twenty-second amendment? Look, if the Second wasn’t all that important, why are you complaining about a minor policy change like that? We really need Obama’s steady hand for as long as it takes.

Watch and wait.

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