Latinos to the left of me, Muslims to the right…

…here I am, Stuck in the middle with you.

First it was the Muslims with their Muslim patrols, created ‘No Go Zone’, “where the state cedes all sovereignty to hostiles and accepts the moderately paced erosion of the nation state, selectively applying all of its own laws only against the indigenous Western minded people to the advantage of the violent invaders.”

Not be left out Latinos in LA now follow suit. In LA “Latino gang is intimidating blacks into leaving the city that was once an African American enclave. ”

The resident blogger Dalwhinnie asked, in a post relating to “identity politics”, if “you can figure a way for identity politics of this nature to be a good thing, please let me know.”

Well we can all sit back with a bag of popcorn and watch liberal politics degenerate.

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Rest assured here in good old Canada I’d say the radical Muslims (which is only about 0.0000000001% of course) will most likely vote and support the Cons. Why? Well the gift that Harper and Towes gave them! omar khadr and his Canadian hating family. See Harper and Towes never deported the whole works of them out. Harper and Towes actually allows child omar, his outspoken sister, out spoken mother, and outspoken brother (who’s in a wheelchair after being wounded fighting for the enemy that was trying to kill Canadian soldiers) to stay here in Canada. So there’s s couple of Conservative votes there! BTW who pays for little omar’s brother’s health care who’s crippled? You and Me as tax payers!!!!! Well thank God (sorry Allah, peace be upon him) that it’s only the 0.0000000001%. So that means we’re safe.

old white guy

muslims are somewhat more than 2% and they either don’t vote or vote liberal or ndp. we are not safe, as you can be sure when they reach critical mass we will have similar experiences to europe.

Nicola T.

Check the DVD or whatever of the new release On the Watch about cops in Los Angeles. A side story about the Hispanics taking over from the black gangs. A very grim film, but well acted and a lot of humour too in the banter between the two police officers.

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