The Unbearable Stasis of “Accelerating Change”

Dale Carrico posted this about the tedious futurists and trans-humanists predicting singluarities, irreversible shockwaves of transformative change, and similiar blather. An excellent rant. One does not have to agree with every opinion and impulse of the author to share the glee that so much crap is being dismissed for the quackery it is.

Frankly, many of the ideas are already there decades earlier, in Turing, Shannon, Weiner, Bush. Heck, Anne Lindbergh was already surfing the “Wave of the Future” (and it was already fascist) even before a victorious post-war America managed through the inflation of the petrochemical bubble and the imposition of the mass-mediated Culture Industry to “invent” The Future Gernsback and Madison Avenue and all our Presidents would peddle the planet long before Toffler and company would stumble on the obvious and re-invent the wheel as a profitable pseudo-discipline for the seventies, then Brand and company would do again for the eighties, then WIRED and company would do it again for the nineties, then the various p2p and Web 2.0 enthusiasts would do again for the lost Bush decade, over and over and over again, the same hopes, the same tropes, the same dopes on and on and on from WW2 to Star Wars to whatever (probably bombed out cities or a pointless polluted moonscape).

Carrico blogs at Amor Mundi  (love of the world). After all, how much can I really oppose something that he labels the Unwholesome Whole That Is Neoliberal/Neoconservative Corporate-Militarism? Insults like that remind me of  Communists referring to “Judaeo-Masonic capitalism”, or Nazis refering to “Judaeo-Masonic communism”. You have no idea what they mean except that they intend to summarize a vast thing that they profess to hate. I call them “wallboard words”, labels measuring four feet by eight. Nevertheless I think Ray Kurzweil and his ilk need to be ruthlessly mocked for their hubris.

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