Sign ze paper, old man!

If you have not yet done so, get to the Sun TV petition and sign it. Please. Yes, I understand all the reasons why TV channels should not extort money from viewers but I can get past that part for now. Give Ezra and his colleagues a shot at the bigger audience they have been working so hard to deserve – then, from a level platform, they can continue to attack those and other ills on our behalf. Look, good TV costs money and plenty of it, so if the CRTC can direct a bunch more to Sun, then raise up your voice. Please. The left liberals hate and fear this alternative and will kill it if they can. Please. Sign ze paper.

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I signed this petition yesterday,but was horrified to find out later that SUN News has lost Krista Erickson, the Most Watchable woman on Canadian TV!
“Cuter” even than Justin Trudeau! At least in the opinion of heterosexual males.

Seriously,I do hope they succeed in having Sun of the regular channels.It’s an extra charge right now and is placed WAY up there on 177. I have to take so many garbage channels in Shaw’s precious bundles to get the one I want.


Sun TV was originally on Rogers Ottawa basic analogue cable package when they came on air. After a few months they migrated to a higher channel and disappeared for non-digital viewers. Rogers explanation was that Sun did not apply for a renewed analogue license, so were responsible for their own loss of viewers. I don’t understand the technical issues involved and Sun did not answer my queries. I would like to see them on regular basic package, but they may be responsible for some of their own problems.

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