Your Muslim future

This is not your country anymore. You do not need to accept binge drinking, or other parts of British working class behaviour. You need only acknowledge that Muslims are declaring certain areas of Britain off-limits to non-Muslim dress or behaviours. And what is going to be done about it by British authorities? Nothing.

Chances of being covered in British mass media? Very, very low. I quote Vlad Tepes:

It could be added that the class with influence in England especially does not live anywhere near these “Muslim areas” and the class that does, is widely viewed as the great unwashed by the non-working class. And any attempt to even sound the alarm by the indigenous British who live in these areas are met with force due to the perversion of the constabulary from an organization that enforces British law, to one that guarantees political hegemony at the cost of British law.

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old white guy

unfortunately brits have been disarmed by their government. like bill says islam is here and the nonsense that is happening in england and europe is coming to a city near you.


The gays and lesbians and transgenders better watch out because they would be going back into closets or…… the rest I leave to your imagination.

Thegaysandlesbians andtransgenders

And and when marijuana is made legal nobody is gonna fight the terrrrrrrists cause they’ll all be too fat from eating cheeses! Except Vic Toews and Don Cherry, sure they are angry enough but they are too old!

Oh my what are we to do?



The same kind of people as the commenter above made the same remarks about Hitler in 1937, and blamed Churchill for pointing out the Nazi menace. Always shoot the messenger. That will make the threat go away.

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