Your problems are small

I was up last night contemplating murder for people in my organization who are trying to thwart my travel plans. It took an hour of reading Neil Turok’s The Universe Within to calm me down. Buy the book.

Discussion of Turok’s Perimieter Institute and the state of science in Canada is here.

Also, bookmark Astronomy Picture of the Day, from NASA. It will put matters in perspective.

I am reminded of the saying of some German poet (Schiller?) who said that all he wanted for the contented life was a nice little cottage, a happy wife, a set of apple trees at the end of the garden, and all his enemies hanging from their branches. An honest man.


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John Springer

“All I really want is enough to live on, a little house in the country… and a tree in the garden with seven of my enemies hanging in it. ”
― Heinrich Heine

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