Global warming stopped 16 years ago

The Daily Mail said so a year ago, the Met Office agreed, and where was the fanfare of trumpets from the lefto press announcing their grave errors?

Where was the apology?

Oh, I see….

I repeat at every opportunity: it is not whether the planet is warming or heating that is at issue, it is whether and how much we are causing it. Recall that it is anthropogenic (man-caused) global warming. These issues are hopelessly confused in the public mind. In a thousand year perspective the planet may be warming, though the evidence is weak. In a ten thousand year perspective we will be in the next glaciation. In a hundred thousand year perspective we are almost certainly under ice. And in a million year perspective we may well rid of our million year long ice-age, that started when the isthmus of Panama joined North and south America and blocked the heat transfer from the Pacific  to the Atlantic Oceans. These things are so much bigger than humankind.



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