Work in time: assimilation and the Canadian Indian

Michael Harris writes in Ipolitics

Here is what a lot of people want to believe about the Aboriginal Spring in Canada. They hold fast to the idea that the only thing behind native unrest is a bottomless lust for public subsidies. They want to believe that Canada has been just and generous to this misfit people who stubbornly won’t assimilate. They cling to the notion that, left to their own devices, aboriginals are unable to govern themselves and will quickly fall into corruption.

That is an accurate description. Every immigrant coming here assimilates or fails. This is not a question of how you hold your knife at the dinner table. This is more like the South African mining executive who related the story of new African recruits being told they had to show up on time for work.

It is one thing he said, to train people to work who do not know the meaning of organized work.

It is another to explain time to people who ask what “time” is.

For a significant proportion of our native compatriots, the problems are the same: explaining the need to do “work” in “time”. This problem is not exclusive to them, but it is concentrated in them. Nothing in the Indian Act causes or cures this problem.The Indian Act merely maintains the problem.


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“The real story is whether Stephen Harper does something about 250 years of gross social injustice and usurpation. The symptoms of those two facts are well known — poverty, addiction, violent crime, stunted education and poor health care.”

Michael Harris is probably the worst of the useful idiots in the media,his anti-Harper-ism is so obvious,it’s pathetic. Harris and the rest of his ilk have no idea of the people the government has to deal with,no idea how corrupt and primitive some of the Chiefs are,though NOT their lawyers,who are the real winners in this blackmail game.

Notice that Harris and the rest NEVER seek out the opinion of the successful Chiefs or Bands,just repeat the same old rhetoric about how disadvantaged the average Indian is.

Natives in Canada are catered to like no other group on the planet. Any Indian who wants an education will get it,at the best institutions in the Country. All any Indian needs is a will to succeed,and the path will be opened to him by the governments,both federal and Provincial. Health care is provided at any hospital in Canada to any Native/Indian, free of charge.

Another of the many “elephants” in the room is the fact that two or three generations of idleness on the Reserves have destroyed any of the work ethic the Indian people ever had. That is the main reason why houses don’t get repaired,NOT the oft-repeated”they don’t own the house”,which the ignorant MSM loves to repeat. The Reservation Indians don’t repair their houses simply because they’re used to having EVERYTHING done for them.

Some Reporter should ask one of the Indians,”why didn’t you do that simple repair yourself”,but maybe most Reporters couldn’t cut a board or nail it into place either. In the world of the media, you call Mike Holmes if there’s a problem.

Harris et al seem to believe that Indians are “just like us” in their desire to succeed, make a life for themselves and their kids, but it just isn’t so.

The Indians are a people who have been almost completely destroyed by apartheid and the machinations of their own politicians,who want desperately to maintain the status quo.

I am very much pro-Indian, having grown up with Indians from five Reserves near my home town. They are the people I played with as a kid,and grew up with, worked with,went to school with,and it grieves me deeply to see what the subversive tactics of Indian politicians,and the cowardly acquiescence of the governments has done to the Indian people.

We look at the successful Bands,Osoyoos,Westbank,Sechelt,etc., and admire their success,then brush them aside as an anomaly,and go on to fixate on the “poor downtrodden Indians” of the rest of the Reserves,without a thought as to WHY they’re in such sad shape.

The successful Bands did NOT wave a magic wand,they did NOT receive any more than the deadbeat Bands. What they DO have,is a group of modernized Leaders who operate like,dare I say it, “White BUSINESS Men”!, not third world despots whose main purpose in life is to look out for number one.

Until fools like Harris realize that the solution to the Indian problem lies with themselves,and must be led by their own political Leaders,we will never solve the issue,but will keep going around in circles,demonstrations, more money,nothing positive resulting.

It’s a waste of time,and it has nothing to do with racism.


At on time Don Boudria refused to even speak with Mr Harris because he was so “anti Liberal”. I’ve listened to and read Mr Harris for decades now, he’s savaged Chretien, Martin, Mcguinty and now Harper. At one time that was called good journalism. I disagree with some of Mr Harris has written, but, he’s hardly anti Harper.


He IS anti-Stephen Harper.

Read every column he’s ever written where Harper is mentioned. Whether he didn’t like the other guys is immaterial, maybe he doesn’t like ANY politicians, but he IS anti-Harper. Strange,I can find positive things to say about most politicians,if what you say is correct, Harris likes none of them, maybe he’s a misfit.

Good journalism means finding ALL the facts,and reporting on them,with as little bias as humanly possible,OR stating right up front your biases. A good journalist should also offer some constructive criticism, offer what he sees as solutions,instead of just bashing every politician in sight.

Whatever, he says nothing credible about the Indian versus Canada issue,because he,as most of the media,refuses to recognise that the main problem Indians have is there own FN governments.


Well good it’s about time! I think that Canada should make every effort to appease the First nation’s people and give them what they want. Why you ask? Simple. Canada is a liberal nation that lacks the fortitude to stand up to any vocal minority be it religious, immigrant or Native Indian. I mean we make every effort to protect and comfort the religious minority such as omar khadr our proud child soldier and his family. This piece of sh** khadr and his family openly hate Canada and they are only one of hundreds of thousands if not millions of Muslims refugees and immigrants that our government embraced. So until we elect a government that has balls enough to stand up to whinny little monitory groups, whether it’s abortion and women rights or gay rights and marriage, I suggest that all those Canadians who call themselves Conservatives just suck-it-up!


When in hell are the natives going to tell the time.The cavemen all know how to tell the time.If you act dumb everyone feels sorry for you,but there is a difference.Spence thinks we are all dumb to believe she is on a diet,but only Michael Harris truly believes her.Ask the listeners to Michael Harris talk show on CFRA (before he got the sacked)if he was anti PM Harper. He was an embarrassment he was so anti PM Harper.


Michael Hrris appears to have lost his common sense since being sacked. He has lost any sense of proportion or balanced reporting. That is why he is only carried on IPolitics on their online site. He has turned into a extreme left wing nut.

old white guy

folks, the canadian taxpayer forks out approximately 100 thousand dollars for every man, woman and child living on reserve property. i want some brilliant person to tell me where that money goes. tell me how many thousand paperpushers in ottawa suck up their portion of that money. we know from recent news reports that fraud is rampant in the indian community. there should not be one single, hungry, cold, sick indian on any reserve with that amount of money supposed to be aimed at helping them. can it be that all canadians are just plain stupid.

Eric Doll

dmorris and owg, you are absolutely right. I too lived most of my life amid Indian Reserves and know very well that there is absolutely no need to condescend or pander to status Indians. Indian-ness is a $50 -$100 billion industry that does nothing but harm to those unfortunate targets for liberal “help”. Even the well-managed bands perpetuate the idea that their members are entitled and distinct — the most entitled and distinct of all in a country that “prides” itself in sorting people according to how special they are.
I have tried repeatedly to get the idea out there that manumission of Indians is long overdue but media and (Conservative) politicians just ignore such attempts.

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