Another BBC scandal

You knew the MSM was pushing a green alarmist agenda on anthropogenic global warming. Take the BBC for instance. Guido Fawkes has published the names of the Beeb’s advisory council on climate matters. It appears that the BBC decided that it was not going to engage in  balanced coverage of climate issues, following a meeting in 2006. The list of names of scientists, alarmists and do-gooders includes one of the principal people involved in the Climategate Scandal, Mike Hulme. The Wikipedia reference to Climategate makes sure to let you know that people involved were all exculpated in subsequent reviews by their fellow climate catastrophists.

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gerry from gta

Are you surprised? It seems public broadcasters world wide are hijacked by people/groups with hidden agendas.

What has happened to the BBC’s moniker of trust?

I was shocked to hear that the BBC was funded in the order of $5+ billion per year. No wonder the CBC wants to become more like the BBC.

In some ways they are:

CBC == Communist Broadcasting Corporation
BBC == Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation


de-fund the CBC


This doesn’t surprise me a bit.. wait till the ceebs version of this green-tard policy maker comes out.. I see only two advisors, Lizard May, and Davy Suck zuki.

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