The most under-reported news in the US election

Ask yourself: if the Democratic candidate was pulling ahead of a Republican incumbent, in a tightly fought election, a couple of weeks before the election, would it be treated as a sleeper issue? Would it not be trumpeted by the press from every tower?

Listen to the silence on the issue of Romney pulling ahead.

The sound of leaves falling in the back yard is louder.

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I have always felt there is something wrong in the polling , which I believe the MSM is also aware of. Consider that virtually the entire MSM has been acting as campaigners for Obama , yet the polls have shown a dead heat. With the amount of campaigning and cheerleading from the MSM and virtually constant negative MSM coverage of Romney , you would expect the gap to be much larger.

I wonder , when the pollsters call on the phone, if many of those who despise Obama , still respond positively so as not to be branded as racists … because you never know who is at the other end of the phone.


Brian, that is exactly what Dick Morris says is happening regarding polling.

Compare it to SSM polls, when they do polls on that it has huge support, but when there is a vote on it it has much less support.
No one wants to tell the pollster that they are racist, bigoted, blah blah blah.

He says the trick is to ask how they think their neighbours and friends will vote on SSM, then you get an answer very close to the actual vote.
When he asks who they think their neighbours will vote for he gets a much higher number for Romney.

Nicola T.

I also think it is a means of cementing the idea after the election that Romney stole the election since ‘no one’ saw it coming.


1] land-line polling numbers are less accurate in these days of cell phones, and not many get polled via their cell phones.

2] Voters who will not vote for Obama might have no issue with telling the pollster they will vote for him, as a means at their disposal to “screw the candidate” into a false sense of victory.

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