George Carlin on Ecological catastrophism via “entropy fan”

He expresses my views on Volvo-drivers precisely, though I fight entropy every day. But George, the cunning genius, leads from a rant in praise of disorder to more serious matters of who is in charge of this planet. I assure you, we are not.

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I greatly miss George Carlin,whom I was a fan of since the late 1960’s,with his transformation from mainstream Vegas-style comic to counter-culture icon.

Carlin had the courage to be un-politically correct,in a funny and entertaining way,and unlike so many comedians the last few years, had a reason for his swear words,not just a string of filth,like some comedians.

One of my favorite Carlin rants is “Fuck the children”,which is all about the over-parenting of children. It’s coarse,and brilliant.

Thanks for that video,enjoyed it!

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