Middle East, Obama and headlines to consider

Keeping Carter and Iran in mind, consider how these headlines relate to Middle East, Obama and executive experience.

The President’s Speech in Cairo: A New Beginning | The White House

Arab Spring run amok: ‘Brotherhood’ starts crucifixions

Protesters scale U.S. Embassy wall in Cairo: Some shouted, “We are all Osama!”

Mob sets fire to US consulate in Benghazi, staffer dies

Egyptian-Iranian intelligence meeting prompts fears of a new Middle East terror axis

Netanyahu To Obama: ‘Wait For What? Wait Until When?’

WH: Obama Has No Stated Position On Chicago Teacher Strike

With apologies to Carter, a Navy veteran, farmer, successful businessman, state senator, governor and president.



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duggans dew

Arab Spring, Arab Spring,
Who ever saw such a wonderful thing?
Up on the crucifix, down in the well,
Those who mock Islam will shortly see hell.


Up on the cross, down in the well
Those who mock Islam will shortly see hell.

-it scans better. More rhyming blogging is the order of the day!

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