Quebec 2012

I have nothing to add to the observations of Conrad Black. The place is at a dead end of socialism, tribalism, and irrelevance. If the Parti Quebecois comes to power, the suppression of the English language, and with it, the speakers of the English language, will increase.

Every time I go there, I am impressed with how little service staff anywhere are able or inclined to speak English, the language of many of their customers.

Nice people, but they have a giant lesson coming to them, which they will not learn from. Until they can look each other in the eyes and say “failure”, “obsolete”, and “we must change” when they think of Quebec’s system of bloated statism, things will continue their unseen, unnoticed relative decline.


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This election may be good for Canada in the long run, especially if the PQ win a majority. The majority of the NDP caucus will likely support the PQ which will alienate their base across the rest of the nation. Showing that you can win a majority without significant support in Quebec, combined with a rest of Canada population that is against any more special favours to any province, should allow the current Federal Government to say no to any demands made by Quebec that are not applicable to other provinces.

If things turn out with a PQ win, the next four years may be a good wake up call for that province when the realization hits them that they have to live within their means.

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