Nobody reads the Globe, or nobody cares?

Somebody brought a Saturday Globe up to the lake, and because it was right there on the dock, I read the “Dhimmi” Doug Saunders article on Islam. It was predictable. He was scared of Muslims at first, too, but he got over it. Unlike some people. When I got back to town and Internet access, I noticed that, as far as I can tell, nobody in the online circles I frequent – here, Blogging Tories, the incomparable Shaidle and some others – took the least bit of notice. Hence my question. Nobody reads the Globe or, if they do, they cannot be moved to comment? I find that interesting, either way, but maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. I only read Globe items when they deal with my narrow professional interests and, having done so, feel I have done a duty. So, am I to conclude that the Globe is incorrigible, hence unreadable? As of Monday evening, the Saunders article had attracted almost 3500 comments, which is a pretty good score, most seem to take exception with Saunders’ whitewashing of the problem and many of them sufficiently pungent to be censored away, so some people are reading, if only online and gratis. So, is the Globe and Mail completely irrelevant? Not even worth keeping an eye on?

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Duggans dew

Tipper, thank you for the statistics. If there is some lesson you wished to impart, I do not see it. Despite the imbalance, I trust and respect Kathy Shaidle and cannot say the same for the Globe and Mail.


I stopped reading the Globe. It is banal and uninteresting. Columnists are the worst (Ottawa Citizen is a close second here.) I think they are losing readership.


I used to read the G&M every day from my youth, for many years. Recently I was offered a free coupon for a few weeks delivery; I didn’t bother taking up the offer. There are probably many more like me.


I expect they’ll go to a pay-wall system soon, just like the money-losing, declining-readership Vancouver Sun and Province, the Citizen, and the Nat Post. All of them increasingly irrelevant, and not worth a dime. Here in BC, the MSM has been so long missing in action that NOBODY reads them anymore- if you want to know what’s going on in BC, you go to blogger Alex Tsakumis. The MSM are too busy kissing Christy Clark’s ass.


How much of the Globe ‘readership’ is derived from free papers? They’ve been giving out free three-month subscriptions for some time now. Also, many hotels give out the Globe to their guests.

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